The role of Gut Instinct and the Gut Microbiome (GM) in Psychotherapy ( Page 4 )

Cranial nerves play crucial role

Cerebellum (Little Brain)

  • 60 billion neurons
  • Link with Purkinje cells
  • Over 50% of connections with association cortex
  • Other connections to basal ganglia and brainstem
  • Combination of top down and bottom up processing

New role for cerebellum (2017)

Each brain has a unique fingerprint

  • Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Human Connectome project
  • Even twins share only 12% of brain connectivity
  • Life experiences literally shape brain structure
  • Like fingers and palms molding plastercine or putty
  • Each case of trauma requires unique intervention
  • This will be illustrated later in this talk

Model of Dissociation

Information processing at different levels