Psychotherapy and Quantum Field Theory (QFT) Page 9

Expansion of consciousness

Measurement collapses the wave function

Includes consciousness of observer

Pauli and Jung embraced (un)certainty

Poincare Einstein Dirac Erickson & Rossi

Stage 3 doesn’t occur without unconscious activation of stuck bits in stage 2

Trust the unconscious to talk to me

Mindell shamanic perspective & dreaming

Transformation of Consciousness

Transformation of Consciousness

Erickson Resistance Protocol

Erickson Resistance Protocol

Quantum Entanglement

Metaphorical connections of space and time

Forty years for ideas to be accepted

Electrons and photons relate to levels of consciousness

Mass energy and particles like connections between mind and body and (un)consciousness

“That is why I build bridges” Erickson to Rossi in 1979

Energy systems of body

Links to immune and endocrine system

Scientific discovery of new organ the gut mesentery which coordinates information at a spinal cord level

Discovery that immune mediators cross the blood brain barrier and cause inflammation in the brain as a result of chronic and acute stress causing depression (Physical and mental health)

Authentic communication

Gut and Head connected from birth at 10 weeks gestation two way path of communication facilitated by BRAC

Heartbeat earliest sound we become aware of forms at 8 weeks gestation

Electromagnetic field of heart extends well beyond body

Heart to heart interaction starts from onset of consultation

Patient feedback

  • Mother and son with OCD
  • Mother and son with intensive therapy
  • Psychotherapist with preverbal trauma
  • Psychotherapist with attachment difficulties
  • Girl 11 with pathological demand avoidance
  • Boy 20 with written feedback

Overcoming anxiety to achieve peak performance

Elite Sport






Health Professionals