Psychotherapy and Quantum Field Theory (QFT) Page 8

Model of BART session in relation to neuroscience model of Rossi

Model of BART session in relation to neuroscience model of Rossi

4 stages of psychotherapy

1 initial recognition of problems

2 incubation inward cognitive dissonance emotional recognition and uncertainty distress searching for a solution

(dark night of the soul storm before light)

3 Insight Eureka or lightbulb moment. UC made into new consciousness

4 Growth integrated into cognitive networks adaptive reality self esteem

Qbism impact on psychotherapy mindfulness

1 QFT relates to consciousness and behaviour in everyday life

2 Qbism packets of Planck units of sensations feelings emotions thoughts and perceptions

Like light having particles or continuous wave function so does creative cycle have a dual nature dependent on observation

QBism fundamental insight

3 QB dynamics observable at all levels from human mind to genes and cells to all living systems (universe to atomic scale)

4 QB foundation for QFT and emerging consciousness cognition feelings emotions and thoughts as well as our sense of free will and reality itself

(insula of self perception changes with therapy

Practical implications

Tune in at observer operator level navigate perils of acute and chronic stress which cause most psychopathology and addictions

Emphasize intuition imagination and insight instead of objective rationality

Living primacy of novelty numinosum neurogenesis effect rather than CBT

Facilitate health problem solving and well being

Happiness in Psychotherapy

Relates to levels of neurotransmitters in neural networks

Role played by hormones

Stress triggers anxiety depression (brain inflammation) and depression

Dopaminergic and serotinergic neurons impaired reducing available levels of dopamine and serotonin

Neurodegenerative disorders

Disharmony of:






Experienced at level of whole person

Autobiography of a yogi

Cosmic life energy on a par with



Weak and

Strong interactions

Chakras seen as nerve plexes along spine coterminus with endocrine and immune systems

Introducing a new theory of well-being

Happiness and Psychotherapy

Western medicine has a lot to learn from
Ancient seers Ayurvedacharyas Ayurvedic herbal medicine
Leading from illusory world of dukkha to pleasant feelings from contentment to intense joy