Psychotherapy and Quantum Field Theory (QFT) Page 6

Implications, treatment and research

  • Imaginal exposure to trauma related stimuli
  • Dissociative and numbing symptoms prevent engagement
  • Mood regulation and grounding skills
  • Modify disordered attachment schemas
  • Develop competence in social interactions

Basic skills

  • Relaxation, mindfulness training, coping skills, anger management and grounding
    • Tolerate negative emotion
    • Use social support
    • Calm/soothe self
    • Moderate self-loathing
    • Control destructive impulses (self-harm, violence, substance abuse)
    • Articulate feelings
    • Maintain hope

Bilateral innervations from periphery to brainstem

Quantum Theory of trauma focused Psychotherapy

Psychosocial and Genomics interact with

Mind (Crisis leading to opportunity)

Mirror neurons activation of intuition

Gene expression via translation/transcription

Brain and Body Gut heart and mesentery proteins neurotransmitters hormones and cytokines linked to energetic response

Integrated QFT

Stress reduction

Psychosomatic illness


Meditation REM like state

Mind body medicine leading to peak performance problem solving and creativity (final stage of BART)

Role of Sleep crucial in homeostasis; impaired in PTSD

Mind cleared by 60% more Cerebrospinal fluid washing through brain to remove the toxic byproducts of body metabolism

Optimize self care and health via psychosocial and RNA/DNA replication

Role of consciousness and cognition in theory and practice of psychotherapy from mind of patient to their genes

Quantum Bayesianism (QBism)

Wave function used by observer no objective reality

Outline QB theory of an expected outcome in all forms of psychotherapy

Mixture of daily circadian rhythms and hourly ultradian rhythms from every level of cells to genes to body and mind

QFT of consciousness cognition creativity

Variable factors in psychotherapy

Novelty (fascination, mystery, tremendousness)

ENCODE project

2 million eRNAs in environment carry signals to 3 million receptors on genes (epigenetics => nature & nurture codependent

With molecular biology can measure DNA expressed in genes associated with healing of mind and body

Stress related dysfunction

Top down: relaxation hypnosis meditation



Bottom up

Somatic experiencing Sensorimotor psychotherapy BART osteopathy

Telomere shorter in cancer diabetes heart disease high stress levels mindfulness helps to keep telomeres intact

How conscious thought interacts with nature and nurture

How conscious thought interacts with nature and nurture

Complex cycle of information exchange in psychotherapy



Integration of cells of mind CNS PNS and body

Facilitates memory learning behaviour and development of meaning in therapeutic cognition

QFT of exRNA signals between nature and nurture and link to ADLs, psychotherapy

Psychosocial and cultural impacts on health