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Clinical Supervision

I became an EMDR Europe accredited consultant in Jan 2008. Since then I have provided individual and group supervision for EMDR psychotherapists wishing to pursue accreditation as either EMDR practitioners or EMDR consultants. Several clinicians have successfully become both accredited and renewed their accreditation after the required 5-year period. I myself underwent the reaccreditation process successfully in 2013 and received my certificate from Maeve Crowley the then President of the UK and Ireland EMDR association. Over the years I have been an active member of the association regularly presenting at conferences. I was on the organizing committee of the European EMDR conference held in London in 2009 and over the last 2 years have been reelected onto the child and adolescent EMDR committee of the association. We are involved in developing standards for accreditation and supervision. One of the recent innovations has been to establish a cohort of EMDR Consultants specializing in Clinical Supervision for EMDR clinicians working with children and adolescents. Such a pathway has now been established. To start the ball rolling a number of current EMDR consultants have been invited to apply for accreditation under a grand parenting scheme. This will include attendance at a trading day in September in London delivered by Joanne Morris Smith. She is currently one of the few trainers providing training in the Parts 1 and 2 of the Child and Adolescent training course. I can be contacted if you are interested in receiving clinical supervision in EMDR psychotherapy via this website. [com-artomalley-online-counselling-services price="75.00, 86.00" currency="GBP, EUR" currency-symbol="£, €" button-label="BUY NOW" product-description="Clinical Supervision" item-category="ONLINE-COUNSELLING" price-display="£ 75 || € 86" regular-price="75.00, 86.00" sku="OS101"]
BART psychotherapy

Sensorimotor EMDR Psychotherapy & Peak Performance

Sensorimotor-focused EMDR: Psychotherapy and Peak Performance is a novel therapeutic approach developed over the last eight years by Dr Art O’Malley.

During this time it has been used in Traumatic Stress Clinics in both Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Parental and Infant Mental Health Services (based in an adult inpatient ward in a district general hospital).

Through his passion in helping patients overcome traumatic experiences and reach peak performance, Dr O’Malley has created a therapy that combines elements from therapies including EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. The result is Sensorimotor-focused EMDR: Psychotherapy and Peak Performance.

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