SF-EMDR for Psychotherapy and Peak Performance

You can contact me directly on 07450209933 to discuss your requirements.

It is best if the initial session takes place face to face. However if you live far away from Ireland this session can take place via Skype or Zoom.

For patients or clients who live a considerable distance away I can make arrangements for them to stay at a local hotel while they undergo intensive SF-EMDR treatment on successive days. This model works especially well for complex trauma with dissociation.

I attended Art's 1st Sensorimotor-Focused EMDR workshop because I am interested in the process of transformation through healing from trauma. Art is extremely knowledgeable and inspirational therapist and writer, who integrated into his approach not only psychotherapeutic techniques from different therapeutic modalities, but also knowledge based on spirituality, neurobiology and science. This workshop was truly inspirational and gave me lots of food for thoughts. I also volunteered to be a case study client during workshop and this was truly transformational experience. I cannot thank Art enough for the therapy session I have experienced during his workshop and for the knowledge and inspiration received during his training.

Svetlana Plant CBT & EMDR Therapist


Initial consultation lasts for 2 hours Cost £150 per hour. Total cost £300

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Subsequent sessions last for 2 hours. Cost £300 payable at end of session

If 5 SF-EMDR sessions are paid for in advance the total cost is £1500.

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