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Sensorimotor-Focused EMDR: A New Paradigm for Psychotherapy and Peak Performance


Dr O'Malley will be presenting a talk on using EMDR for childhood dissociative disorders on Wednesday 16 January 2019 at the regional meeting of the Yorkshire EMDR association. Further details will be posted on their website.

Art O'Malley

I am working in Lymm Osteopathic Practice Lymm Cheshire as an EMDR Europe accredited EMDR consultant for children adolescents and adults. I am helping patients dealing with the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and complex trauma with symptoms of dissociation.

As a Medical Doctor

I am guided by the Hippocratic Oath. Psychiatry comes from Greek words ‘Psyche’ and ‘Iatros’ which mean soul healing. My mission is to help patients achieve physical and mental health optimization combined with a sense of spiritual well-being.

As an EMDR consultant since 2008

I have been an active member of the UK and Ireland EMDR association and a member of their child and adolescent committee, which is involved in raising standards of EMDR psychotherapy nationally.

As an author

I have written a book, “The Art of BART,” chapters, articles and therapeutic stories for children and families who have experienced PTSD, complex trauma and dissociation.

As a psychotherapist

I have developed Bilateral Affective Reprocessing of Thoughts, which is an integrated form of top-down and bottom-up reprocessing for the body and mind.

As an innovator and researcher

As an innovator and researcher, I am constantly expanding my knowledge of how the mind and body work seamlessly to integrate and reprocess information at a gut, renal, cardiac, immune, endocrine, and neurological level. This has enabled me to develop creative therapeutic strategies to get this process back on track when these various pathways and molecular mechanisms have become damaged by toxic or traumatic stress.

As a trauma focused psychotherapist

As a trauma focused psychotherapist, I have 28 years of clinical experience. I apply the latest findings in neuroscience, memory, neuroanatomy especially the role of the 12 cranial nerves, brainstem, cerebellum and prefrontal cortex together with knowledge of the gut microbiome (gut instinct), heartbrain (emotional centre) and head brain (cognitive centre) to benefit my patients and clients.

As a teacher and lecturer

I have presented at national and international conferences in Canada, France, England, Scotland, Ireland and Spain. I have delivered more than 150 workshops on aspects of mental and physical health and peak performance to diverse audiences. These included mental health professionals, doctors, students, educators, sports professionals, musicians, parents and academics.

As a clinical supervisor

As a clinical supervisor with a diploma in clinical supervision from John Moores University in Liverpool. I supervise a wide range of mental health practitioners both face to face and via the Internet using Skype or Google hangout. My furthest supervisee is based in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Live Events

Confer's live events are seminars and conferences held in the UK at which we aim to present the cutting edge of research and theory in order to deepen our understanding of the mind and best practice in mental health disciplines.


Thanks so much for working with my son. As a psychotherapist, I was intrigued by the approach you take to working with him, noting his body sensations and being led by these to help him begin to get in touch with his emotions. My son has always struggled with articulating his emotions. At the end of the first two hour session, he said you helped him to engage with his emotions in a way he had never done before. He is growing in being in touch with his feelings and has a more positive outlook to life. Thanks so much and I hope I can learn the Art of BART, sometime, soon. Wemi Agboaye
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